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Frequently asked questions

SmallSEOTools Plagiarism Checker

A query is a request for identifying plagiarism from content submitted by a user. PRO SmallSEOTools offers different plagiarism check queries to its users. You can get your desired plan as per your requirements for the number of queries to identify plagiarism.

The documents uploaded by users are compared with billions of sources available over the web. This tool’s databases contain wide and extensive data that is used for detecting plagiarism from users’ content. The plagiarism checker leaves no stones unturned to check and identify duplication from any document.

This plagiarism checker is based on advanced algorithms. This tool is based on Artificial Intelligence technology to deeply investigate users’ queries and generate accurate and trustworthy results.

Yes! You can find a plagiarism checker API on SmallSEOTools. You can integrate this smart utility on your website at affordable prices. It’s a fast and accurate plagiarism checker that offers its users sentence-wise checking.

You won’t find any difficulty in uploading your document to check plagiarism. The tool allows you to simply copy-paste the text in the given space or enter a webpage’s URL. For uploading a document, simply click on the upload button and choose from your device’s storage or cloud storage account.

SmallSEOTools supports a variety of file formats to make it easier for the users to easily check their documents by simply importing them from device or cloud storage. The supported file formats include .txt, .doc, .docx, .odt, .pdf, and .rtf.

The smart and advanced algorithms used in the development of PRO SmallSEOTools Plagiarism Checker give assurance for 100% accurate and error-free results. The tool deeply investigates the uploaded content and compares it with billions of documents to let the users know whether their text contains any duplication or not.

The plagiarism checker supports multiple languages to make it an easy-to-use tool for people residing all over the globe. Besides English, the plagiarism checker promotes Italiano, Francais, Portugues, Espanol, Deutsche, and many other languages.

The SmallSEOTools assists students in checking the originality of their assignments, thesis, synopsis, and other academic material. Before submitting the content to the instructor, the students can check the integrity of their work. Whereas, the teachers can also be benefitted from SmallSEOTools plagiarism checker to check the originality of their student’s work.

Many features make the PRO version better than free, including:

  • Multi-Layered Search Capabilities
  • Precise PDF Reports
  • Committed Customer Support
  • Upload Multiple Files at Onces

The AI-based technology used in the development of SmallSEOTools makes it a reliable source for identifying duplication. This plagiarism checker is trusted by millions of users around the world, as it stands among the top search results on Google.

Yes, you can easily change your personal information after creating an account by accessing the profile page. By clicking edit picture, you can change your profile’s avatar. The users can also change their account passwords by hitting the change password button.

Proofreading & Reports

SmallSEOTools proofreads the documents uploaded by users in a matter of seconds. The user-friendly interface of this web portal allows the users to easily access the grammar checker, upload documents, and click the Check Grammar button. Once you are done following this procedure, it will take a couple of seconds and detect all the grammatical mistakes existing in your text.

Yes! PRO SmallSEOTools offers an advanced plagiarism checker that is capable of detecting the text that’s paraphrased. The plagiarists cannot pass the plagiarism test conducted through this smart and efficient tool even if they have paraphrased major portions of their content.

Yes! SmallSEOTools allows you to rewrite a statement or any article by clicking the paraphrasing tab first. Once you have done it, paste the text or upload the file that you wish to rewrite and click the Make It Unique button. The process will be initiated, and results will be generated in no time.

Yes, it’s possible to check your document’s grammar with the grammar checker utility. The tool will identify the grammar, spelling, punctuation, sentence structure, and other kinds of errors and provide suggestions to help the users rectify them and make their documents errorless.

The plagiarism report generated by this tool contains a deep insight into the user’s uploaded content. Its automated algorithms summarize your plagiarism scan data in a PDF file. The report is entirely based on your content’s originality and duplication.

The report contains the ratio of plagiarized and unique content and displays it in terms of percentages. You can find the word count statistics of your uploaded document in the plagiarism scan report—the sources from where your text matches are also shown in it. You will also get to know the exact number of plagiarized and unique sentences existing in your content. If you want to know what plagiarism scan reports look like and what they contain, you can click the reports button and check out the sample reports.

Yes! The users can click the download button after the completion of the plagiarism test on this tool. As soon as the download button is pressed, the tool fetches the results of your plagiarism check query and summarizes it in a PDF file that’s directly stored in the default downloads folder of your device.

The scanned reports of plagiarism tests can be easily shared with others by clicking the share button. Furthermore, users can download the report and share it with anyone via any platform without facing any problems.

Payment & Plans

The membership of users will renew every month automatically if they have checked the option of auto-renewal while purchasing the plan. If you made the mistake, or if you want to change it, you can sign in to PRO SmallSEOTools and uncheck the auto-renewal box.

Prices may vary from plan to plan. The pricing starts from $9.80 (basic) and goes up to $149.80 (Enterprise). All pricing is based on a monthly basis. Alongside prices listed with each plan, you can also check:

  • Savings
  • Number of words
  • Pages
  • Per page cost

You can check out different plans of the SmallSEOTools in detail over here.

We accept payments from all kinds of credit and debit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and many others.

Yes! You can avail of volume discounts on every plan offered on PRO SmallSEOTools. The users can check the volume documents here.

The users are allowed to make a custom plan for themselves with a higher search limit. You can drag the given bar and check what plan suits you before purchasing.

By accessing your profile, you can cancel the subscription anytime you wish to stop using PRO SmallSEOTools Plagiarism Checker. On the profile page, click the Plagiarism Pro tab and cancel the subscription whenever you desire.

All plans of PRO SmallSEOTools can be purchased with monthly subscriptions. Currently, we are not offering annual subscriptions plans. We will introduce annual subscriptions in the future.

If you have opted to get a refund after canceling your subscription, it will take around 7 working days. The payment will be processed and transferred to the medium from where it was received. Our review team will analyze your request and check whether it qualifies for the refund.

No! We are not providing the option of paying in installments for any plan. The users need to make the whole payment upfront for any plan, and once it’s done, they can start using our plagiarism checker.

Yes, you can download the invoice for your subscription or any add-on. To download any invoice, click the invoice button and check your invoice history.

From the history, you can click the download button for any transaction and fetch the invoice in your device’s storage.

Yes, you can purchase an add-on within your account by tapping on the add-on button. After accessing this page, you’ll see the bar that you can drag and bring to the desired add-on limit. If you want a custom add-on, you can contact the support team.

On your account’s dashboard, you can check the validity period of your plan on the right-hand side. You can see the start date and end date mentioned over here.

The information related to your plan’s consumption is available on the dashboard of your account. You can easily check the number of words used and left in your plan.

Common Problems

Unfortunately, there’s nothing we can do for you if you have uploaded the wrong document to be checked. Once you have clicked the check plagiarism button and the process has been initiated, the number of words will be deducted from your plan, and there is no way to revert them.

If you encounter any problems relating to the functionality of the tool or face issues regarding the plan you have bought, you can contact us through Support. Our support team will assess your problem and reach out to your email address with a solution as soon as possible.

The process for filing a complaint doesn’t involve any convoluted procedures. On the dashboard of your account on PRO SmallSEOTools, click the support button.

As the support page is accessed, write your name and message in the given fields and click the send button. As soon as your request is received, our support team will work on the complaint and reach out to your email address.

The status of your account is displayed on the dashboard of your account. If your plan isn’t fully consumed, the status will be displayed as active. Otherwise, it will show “expired”.

Yes, you will receive a notification in your provided email about the plan expiry. SmallSEOTools support team will also notify you about plan expiry 2 days before the date of expiry to help you buy add-on and enjoy uninterrupted services.

Yes! SmallSEOTools accepts feedback from its users and loves to hear opinions on its services. No matter whether it’s good or bad, you are free to share your view and experience of using our plagiarism checker.

Privacy Policy

SmallSEOTools protects your privacy by using the best measures in the development of its algorithms. Whatever content is uploaded by users stays on the servers of SmallSEOTools as long as the tool is investigating the instances of plagiarism.

No! Your submitted documents remain 100% secure on our web portal. Your submissions will never be published in a public database or on a third-party website.